Response Time  -  The response time for Privacy Glass from clear to frosted is instantaneous
  Sizes Available  -  With the advance in the technology used in the manufacture of liquid crystal sheets it is now possible to have sheets of up to 1000 x 3000mm. These sizes make it possible to use this product in a vast array of architectural solutions.

All laminated Privacy Glass sheets are made to order and in the size and shape required. The lamination process and final finishing of the product is carried out in our South African factory.
  Quality  -  Our product is manufactured in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Japan, which makes use of the most up to date technology.

Throughout the whole manufacturing process in Japan, through to final assembly and finishing in South Africa the process is monitored using the most stringent quality control procedures thus ensuring the finished product meets the highest quality standards, all the time, every time!
  Safety  -  As laminated glass has now become a requirement for all glass installations, our product fully complies with and meets the safety requirements as laid down by the National Building Regulations.
  Power Consumption  -  The power consumed to activate the glass is only 3.5 watts / m2 and is therefore a very small consideration even when many sheets are utilised.
  Maintenance  -  As the liquid crystal sheets are firmly bonded between two sheets of glass using a very strong adhesive and the edges of the glass are fitted with an edge protector, the finished product requires no more maintenance than conventional laminated glass.
Other Features Another advantage is that its default state is frosted. It is only when power is introduced that the glass becomes clear. For critical installations a stable power supply can be introduced to maintain functionality, even when mains power is not available.